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Arrivals - Saturday 23rd of September 2023
Arrivals (More)
NKS878 A320 Orlando Intl (MCO) 12:27p EDT 02:16p EDT
LJY36 C25B Clearwater Intl (KPIE) 11:54a EDT 01:59p EDT
N6775F P28A Arnold Palmer Rgnl (KLBE) 10:54a EDT 11:03a EDT
N333BD C25A Carroll Co Rgnl (KDMW) 08:59a EDT 09:28a EDT
EJA667 C68A Teterboro (KTEB) 08:08a EDT 09:04a EDT
N780U P28A Niagara Falls Intl (KIAG) 06:29p EDT 08:17p EDT
N104VP C560 Harbor Springs (KMGN) 07:01p EDT 08:12p EDT
N13445 C172 Arnold Palmer Rgnl (KLBE) 07:22p EDT 08:02p EDT
NKS1890 A320 Myrtle Beach Intl (MYR) 06:34p EDT 07:44p EDT
N80816 C172 Arnold Palmer Rgnl (KLBE) 05:59p EDT 07:04p EDT
LJY30 C56X South Bend Intl (KSBN) 05:57p EDT 06:55p EDT
N21LH C56X John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) 04:13p EDT 05:04p EDT
LJY40 C25B Athens/Ben Epps (KAHN) 03:47p EDT 05:00p EDT
N35377 C172 Arnold Palmer Rgnl (KLBE) 03:33p EDT 04:53p EDT
N32DG M20T Stafford Rgnl (KRMN) 03:27p EDT 04:30p EDT
N64232 C172 Arnold Palmer Rgnl (KLBE) 02:43p EDT 02:55p EDT
EJA371 E55P Erie Intl/Tom Ridge Fld (KERI) 02:30p EDT 02:31p EDT
EJA584 C68A Wood County (1G0) 01:58p EDT 02:38p EDT
EJA501 Erie Intl/Tom Ridge Fld (KERI) 02:30p EDT 02:57p EDT
EJA371 E55P Erie Intl/Tom Ridge Fld (KERI) 02:30p EDT 02:57p EDT
LJY47 C56X Niagara Falls Intl (KIAG) 03:00p EDT 03:43p EDT
N426SB SF50 Clearwater Intl (KPIE) 01:41p EDT 04:27p EDT
NKS1890 A320 Myrtle Beach Intl (MYR) 06:08p EDT 07:24p EDT
LJY712 C25C Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois (KMWA) 05:57p CDT 08:32p EDT
NKS878 A320 Orlando Intl (MCO) 12:23p EDT 02:18p EDT
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